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How to release emotional attachments from the past

By the age of 7 years you have grasped the majority of how you will cope with your adulthood, those precious years are for nurturing, learning about yourself and mostly for having fun.

Emotional and mental health in future years can be depicted by how you are around this age.

The topic of Nature v's Nurture: you can read more here:

This is something that I've been particularly interested in since I was at college.

Nature: - your genetic makeup

Nurture: - environmental factors that can influence personality, emotional and mental health

I personally believe that humans are a combination of both and that we have the ability to change a way of thinking, behaviours and mould ourselves in certain areas of our lives. I also believe that humans may have a dominance genetically that is carried from our ancestors and can feel they are fixed. For example depression, anxiety. You can even include autism within in this nature element.

So right from the womb, humans have a prediction about how they will present themselves on earth. For example your parents may have illnesses, blue eyes, brown hair, be overweight, suffer with anxiety and depression.

For myself, I have my mothers brown eyes, similar facial features, I also am a worrier like she was.

Women have a 42% and Men have a 29% of hereditary depression: click here for more details

Keeping on the subject of emotional and mental health, although I mentioned above about myself being a worrier like my mother, I know that this is not a fixed nature factor. I believe that this is where Nurture comes in to influence and bring out the light of how I shine.

Personal choice: - Are you going to continue to believe that you have no control over your emotional and mental health, surrounding yourself with people who continue to nurture you with the belief that it's in the family line and you must put up with it. Or are you going to change your mindset to grow with what you fill it with, such as self esteem, positivity, love and an I Can Do Attitude!!

Here are my suggestions to help you release emotional attachments from your past.

  • Get to know who YOU are: - you are Unique, Individual and underneath the nature or nurture that you've been exposed to including conditioning you have an identity.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts: - are they yours or what you've been told to think?

  • Start writing down your feelings, go with the flow and just write, aim for at least 15 minutes each time

  • Walk and talk - Self talk has worked wonders for me over the years, there's a fabulous app, that records and transcribes your thoughts, allowing you the freedom to explore your thoughts and feelings whilst you go for a walk, preferably in nature. Check it out here:

  • What lights you up, internally and externally. This can be gratitude's and appreciation for what you are or have. Acknowledging your experiences negative and positive to uncover how you have evolved from them in a transforming way.

With that quote I so love...

Nature and the great outdoors is the healer if you only make time to connect with and be present nourishing your soul with earths free resources.

Just look outside to begin and talk small steps to the flower bed, to the end of the garden, to the gate, moving to the street, a tree, a path leading to a the lushness of green fields, forests and openings. Expansive love right on your doorstep.

Blessings Louise

Healer and Therapeutic Leader

Peace and Presence Healing

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