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Professional Recommendations 

Wigan Council 

Wigan and Leigh Carers

Highly sensitive people therapies 

Distance Reiki Healing

I was one of Louise’s lucky winners for the 20minute distance reiki. 
I was unsure what to expect at first as I had never had it before. Louise was so lovely and explained the process and put me at ease.

I have to say it was an amazing experience and Louise gives such thorough feedback. She Certainly gave me feedback to go away and think of and act on.
Whilst having the reiki I felt a feeling that all this ‘energy’ was leaving my chest and going straight up into the air. Was strange, but in a good way ha. 
I now feel quite calm and relaxed.

Thank you so much Louise I would definitely recommend Louise and would certainly have this again!
Thank you, Natalie

Distance Reiki  video testimonial - Marina 

Reiki / Reflexology Combined Session

I have damaged cartilage to both my knees and because there is now no cartilage left between my Patella , Femur and the Tibia, in my left knee I have been experiencing some considerable discomfort when walking even though I have recently had a cortisone injection.


Immediately after working with you I was able to stand on my left leg without the discomfort I have previously had.  Over the weekend,  I was able to join my friend walking her dog over fields and rocky areas  and beach on both days and without any discomfort.


It is evident from my answers above that I would recommend working with you and I will certainly work with you again.  Louise worked in a professional manner and helped me feel relaxed and at ease at all times during the time I was with you and the results are speaking for themselves.

Ann Miller

Holistic Massage

I went to see Louise a while ago after I was bought a massage by my dad. Louise is very calm kind and quickly put me at ease. Great, relaxing massage. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Gemma


Before my regular reflexology sessions with Louise I was often feeling overwhelmed and I had an aching knee and shoulder. After the sessions I feel calmer and  I don't have any knee or shoulder issues now at all. They've disappeared with the sessions! Louise has a beautiful calming energy and I would highly recommend her reflexology package. I feel it gave me a whole body makeover but with out the workout I just laid on a bed and relaxed. I slept better too following the sessions. Thank you Louise. Xx 


Reflexology with children 

Reviews from Children 
I attended Wellbeing workshops with Louise, I enjoyed the sessions each week, I felt calm and relaxed and I feel I can use what I learnt to help me in the future to become more independent and resilient. (Ben aged 12)

I enjoyed meditation and mindfulness at the wellbeing workshops because it was quiet and relaxing (Harry aged 9)

Louise brings Happy Cards to school each day, I really enjoy them, they make me happy and confident in myself, Louise is kind and helpful to other people, she's also funny. (Ollie aged 10)

I think the Happy Cards are cool, the are like fortune tellers and make me Happy (Michelle aged 10)

Come and visit Louise, alternative medicine practitioner health center in Manchester, helping highly sensitive persons with emotional and mental health support in Manchester
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