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Roots to Abundance

7 steps to find your place of peace

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and easily stressed?

Does your mind procrastinate and worry about anything and everything?

Your body is tense, your mind is scatty and you feel like you neglect your own needs? 

A small step forwards, highly sensitive people therapies
 Young Woman Contemplating
"Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river" Lao Tzu
         Would you like to experience peace in the present moment, freeing up your energy to attract more abundance and positivity into your life
         Discover simple self care practices that can envelope you with a gentle warming and loving energy to help you feel able to get through each day feeling calm, relaxed and focused.
        Develop a new calming energy and aura, where you're intune with your natural  vibration that allows you to respond in life rather than react, feeling more content and happy with each experience as you absorb each moment with gratitude. 
Roots to Abundance connects you with the present moment, supporting you to release what no longer serves you, nurturing you with a gentle warmth of healing that connects you to the love for yourself, allowing you to feel a sense of peace and calmness within where you are in a place of peace, open and receptive to reap the rewards of abundance for your future self.  Feel a sense of uplift and revitalisation as you overcome life's challenges with ease and flow, responding to situations with love and compassion. 

A sense of gratitude and relief as your healing journey begins, you take front row in steering your future self, becoming self aware and having the knowledge,tools and resources to hand to respond a positive mindset creating your future vision

"Abundance is a flow of energy through you" Steve Rother

7 Steps to find your place of peace

Emotional and mental health support in Manchester & online in the comfort of your own home

What you receive:

Step 1: Roots to the Present - Grounding and breathing meditation and activities to support you throughout your healing journey. 

Step 2: Release with Movement - releasing stagnant energy in your body with accessible movements for all abilities. 

Step 3 Release with Music, Mantra and Chanting - Harmonious music, mantra's and chants support your body's own sound vibration and the ability to release trapped emotions, memories and physical blockages. 

Step 4: Heal with colour and crystals - learn about the benefits of colour and crystals and how you can incorporate them into your life to heal and allow you to be fully balanced energetically.  

Step 5: Heal with Angels: Angel card reading and gentle guided meditation to help you heal in a gentle and loving way. Nurturing you to feel safe and supported through your healing journey. 

Step 6: Connect with Self Love - Find what opens up your ability to feel at peace with yourself, with calming and nurturing activities that open your heart space to the present moment along with a beautiful meditation to connect you with your heart. 

Step 7: Celebration: Find your true worth, self reflecting on the past 7 weeks with a beautiful guided meditation to help you discover your Wow! moments, what you are grateful for and to celebrate your achievements. You'll be equipped to look at the future with fresh eyes that bring a sense of calmness, peace and presence in your responses that will ultimately lead you to Abundance that you so desire. 

So that's the course in a Nutshell!
What else do you get? 

       Access to a Private Facebook Group - 

        Access to your online learning portal within Udemy take your journey at your own pace

       Support via the learning portal  

       COMPLIMENTARY GIFT Week 4: 30 minute group distance healing and feedback
      worth £17:50
         COMPLIEMNTARY GIFT Angel card / Affirmation card for each member worth £10

Cutting Energetic Cords Meditation

All this is Worth £157

Buy Today You Pay £15.99

Roots to Abundance


"You must let life flow naturally, for life's secret is patience, you must stop pushing for change and allow things to unfold" Leon Brown
I was feeling very unsettled and anxious, now I am feeling much more at ease. It helped as a reminder to take time to take care of myself, I've really enjoyed doing the course, the journaling has been useful and I have enjoyed learning more about healing and crystals 

Just finished the 'Roots to abundance course' and wanted to share my gratitude as I feel I have made dramatic shifts in my energetic and spiritual life. From letting go of past hurts and adopting some self care I feel I am changing for the better so thank you Louise especially for my weekly angel card messages and the support of the group sending much love & light always x
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