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Merlin's Magical Journey
The Rose Garden
Emotional Resilience book for children
Supporting families to explore feelings of Fear through mindful practices

A land of unicorn’s like no other, magic, mindfulness and mystery. A journey of friendship, trust and self belief, where the reader discovers their own inner ability to soothe their fears and calm their mind. Sharing simple self resilience and emotional coping strategies; including gentle breathing, affirmation practices and colour visualisation; opening up a positive mindset with imaginative characters, scenes and make-believe. Enhancing the readers ability to feel safe and secure as they unfold into young happy adults

Louise has been on a journey of her own for the past 5 years since she had the idea to create stories to help children explore their feelings and find healthy responses to life's challenges. 

She poured her heart and soul to bring a story that connected with her own childhood, empathising with today's children so that families were empowered to bring more joy and happiness to their children's experiences. 

Even though it's taken time to bring this story to life, she's so proud that she can help nurture and support many children worldwide. 
This is book one of seven in a series to follow soon. To launch the first book, Louise and Merlin will be touring the northwest offering FREE fun interactive and mindful storytelling. More details to be shared soon. 


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Merlin in real life. 
He's Louise's positivity buddy, he loves to travel around with her bringing a little sparkle wherever he goes.

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The faces behind the book

Meet Louise Winstanley the Author and Hou Li Xin the Illustrator

Two talents 6000 miles across the world collaborated to create this book following their passions to help children access their true essence where they feel calm, confident and supported through life's challenges. 

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