Spring into Abundance 

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Finding abundance is a wealth of love, joy, gratitude, happiness and feeling peace and calmness in your life with the removal of clutter in the physical sense and the emotional side of life. 

For you to move forwards with ease and flow in your life, space needs to be available to receive. This means moving energy in a positive way to free up stagnation inwards and outwards that does not serve you. 

With this FREE 7 day virtual course you'll experience a declutter of your life in terms of the way you think, feel, move and breathe.


I will calmly nurture and support you to take positive steps to help you break free from those energetic attachments, feeling lighter and more balanced with your energy day to day. Opening you up to a awe of opportunities in your life. 

You can return to this course at any time when you feel that life has become stagnant and incorporate the tools and resources that I share for you to feel Abundant in so many ways that life flows, life becomes easy for you and you begin to attract the positive energy you vibrate.



Louise Winstanley

Healer and Therapeutic Leader

Peace and Presence Healing 

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