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Qigong with Louise 

What is Qigong? : - An ancient energy movement practice that connects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body’s with the earth and the universe. These movements disperse stagnant energy that causes pain, emotional discomfort and lack of motivation and inspiration. 

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Flow and vitality

Free up your energy to allow flow and vitality to your organs, joints, muscles, mind and sense of presence, ease your pain and moods with a brighter outlook as you glide along with more harmony.

Breathwork and Meditation

Using breathwork and meditation, Qigong brings you into a sense of inner peace and content, opening up your awareness to feel more appreciative and happier with the life you have. Helping you to perform more efficiently day by day, connecting with family, colleagues and friends with deeper compassion  for others and yourself.

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Qigong With Louise .png

Animal Movements

Using 5 key animals,  children connect with gentle movements using their imagination to unlock their Inner calm, strength and joy.  Mastering their own ability to soothe unbalanced emotions and respond to life's challenges with greater ease.

Work with me

  • Monthly group adult Qigong classes at The Den Yoga Studio , Wigan. 

  • 1:1 and family bespoke sessions available 

  • Business, charities and youth organisations private bespoke  sessions.

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