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Self LoveJourney

VIP Series to celebrate your worth as a woman and feel more happier

You deserve to be treated like a queen, loved, respected and blessed with grace
 But reality is probably far from this - you're feeling  more like cinderella, running around after everyone  pandering to their needs feeling physically and mentally drained.
Does this sound like your life?
Keep reading, if you'd like to discover your path to feeling more happier and have an everlasting ability to nurture your blissful desires, feeling a deeper self love, self respect and the ability to receive, feel and be important without neglecting those closest to you.
You deserve the best, it's your time to shine! 
Would you like to be at the centre of your own existence?
A body of pure love, compassion and content?
Everything revolves around you and your importance is magnified by your family and the wider world.
I hear you thinking, this sounds too far fetched to be true, your reality is much more like this?
I understand your life right now can feel overwhelming, you're trying to juggle work, feed the family, maintain a clean house,  ensure you're on time for school pick ups and drop offs, drive the kids to football, dancing, support your elderly parents, manage the household finances. and keep a positive relationship going with your other half.  
I feel your mental and physical overload, it's like you're being pulled from all angles with no time to think. 
 It's heartbreaking!
I feel that sinking feeling in your body, that you are feeling neglected and used.
You're at the bottom of your own list! 
You hold your emotions in, you muddle through each day biting your tongue, giving and giving, dwelling on the past, anxious about the future. wishing you were important and worthy. Your life has manifested into a depressive state with
for what you do. 


You're new life is waiting for you, a fairytale that you create with my support, with everlasting magic to transform yourself at your fingertips from Cinderella back into the loveable Queen who values herself, speaks kindly about herself, respects herself and others and embraces her true glory with Self Love and Worthiness.




You're new reality is possible when you:

Take this journey with me


I'll support you with an abundance of healing tools that are everlasting and at your fingertips to use again and again as you wish. 

Would you like to be to be treated like a Queen? 
  • Where life unfolds around you with elegance and beauty.  
  • Every thought and action you take increases your ability feel worthier and happier
  • Life feels good, you are content with who you are, you have what you need to help you each day to bring you back to this special place.
  • Your heart space expands easily and you have learned to love yourself abundantly.
  • You have turned your life around to feel more magical, with love overflowing and a life of glee








Would you like to turn off the constant mind chatter to to feel relief and comfort?

Do you want a sense of calmness and clarity to support you through the most challenging of days?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be the centre of your existence, top of your priority list and to have a vibrant energy that flows effortlessly to everyone and everything that you are near? 

Would you like a healing toolbox that you can tap into at anytime to transform your Cinderella life back into the Queen of Hearts?





Keep reading as I show you Self Love Journey 

Your personal VIP experience with everlasting self love at your fingertips


My story is in the past but maybe it's where you are now!

My Story
Hi, my name is Louise. You may be wondering why i've created this journey. As an empath, I pick up a lot of other people's energy, this can be a mixture of emotions and physical ailments. I have also found it very hard throughout my life to say no to people. Thus I have given my energy to help others, putting their needs before my own. Over many years I have built up Anger, Fear, Resentment, Bitterness, Frustration along with physical pains that come along with those feelings. My body, mind and soul has been working hard to please others. In 2018 I felt a big transition happening where I have been forced to reevaluate my life by experiencing new challenges that were difficult to overcome to feeling stuck, trapped and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel to where I am now.
By letting go of feelings that blocked my energy and ability to move forwards in life I gained a sense of relief and understanding. Those memories attached to the feelings still exist but they are not forefront of my mind causing me concern. I have cut ties by using my own Self Love Journey experience which I share with you in your journey. 
Healing has always been my path, but for me to gain a deeper sense of myself I needed to work on my own ability to find calmness and peace in the present moment. Through Reiki healing and meditation as just 2 practices I have nurtured and healed myself to feel grounded and balanced.
Connecting to my Heart and my ability to feel and have self love has been a journey and continues to be, my heart has awakened to my needs and wants. I feel a deeper sense of love and compassion towards others and I am more content with who I am, feeling worthy of how far i've come and what is yet to come. My journey was individual like yours will be, it involves continually implementing daily practices and rituals and learning to be gentle with yourself. 
  • I had to let go and surrender 
  • Release circumstance and people that were not energetically matched
  • Heal my wounds 
  • Forgive
  • Find practices that would build my energy back up
  • Respect myself
  • Nurture and tender my needs
I found my strength, I found my ability to feel calm and in control with clarity as to which was I need to go
I feel 
I feel at home once again!
Transformative sessions for women taking you on a journey of self discovery, strength and self love 
Life doesn't need to be so unbearable or a struggle, you're lack of self respect, harsh self talk and negative responses to situations are just that!
Feelings don't control you! 
You have the Choice to overturn how your life is manifesting.  
Take this journey with me to be supported to feel your new reality! 
Be Supported & Nurtured with my calming and positive approach through 6 sessions of Self Love journey where your will be empowered with tools, resources and strategies as a doorway to feeling:
  • Relief that you've been able to let go of those trapped emotions of resentment, anger, frustration and regret that you've been holding onto for years that have stopped you in your path of being present and doing from the heart.
  • Clarity in the present moment - When your mind is clear of anger, resentment, frustration and all the clutter that has prevented you from thinking clearly, you're able let go of those negative thoughts that controlled you,  Supporting you with a clear and focused vision in your mind, planning and organising yourself easily and actioning yourself with decisiveness to reap the rewards of feeling at peace with your daily to do's. 
  • Self Respect that you're able to set clear kind felt boundaries in your life, that allow you to fully be present from the heart but show others an understanding of what you're allowing into your life.
  • Calmness and self acceptance to put your needs first, whilst not feeling you're neglecting others, by doing what lights your heart bringing a sense of satisfaction and joy. 
  • Empowered and equipped to choose Self Love over demands and expectations that have previously left you drained, worthless and in physical and emotional pain. You'll have a bank of healing resources at your fingertips to continue your journey for a lifetime. 
  • An overall sense of content, expansion of the heart inwards that spirals out towards those in your home, town, city and universe, invoking a trail of uplift, motivation,positivity, love, kindness and compassion.
To bring you to your place of more
Self Love 
Your Self Love Journey will continue endlessly, You will have a lifetime of healing tools at your fingertips to re-engage your journey once again. 
Take this journey with me to be supported to your new reality
6 Sessions 
You'll work with me on a 1:1 basis for 6 sessions via online video calls for 1 hr 30 minute per session. The 6 sessions are broken up into 2 sessions per step, as follows:
Step 1
Release and let go all that has been holding you back to find a sense of Relief
Step 2 
Heal emotional and mental and physical wounds to feel a sense of Calmness within
Step 3
Connect with your heart to feel a sense of Self Love surround your whole presence
That's 9 hours of healing and a beautiful journey that you'll experience with me as a VIP Client! 
Your journey doesn't end there, tap into your toolbox of recorded videos and emails as you wish for lifetime access. 
Phases of Human Life compared to a Butterfly's
Learning, Challenges & survival
Transformation, stagnantation, feeling stuck, healing phase 
Freedom, carefree, feeling complete, 
a sense of pure love
As humans we can compare our life to that of a butterfly. We begin life as a Caterpillar learning how to be human as a baby, existing with basic needs like food, water warmth. Growing through life transforming into adulthood, finding our feet in the big world. We can also find ourselves back at the beginning of the cycle when life throws challenges our way and we may feel like everything is a challenge, you may feel like you've hit rock bottom, no willpower, motivation, lack of opportunities. This can lead to a mindset that you have no control over and are unable to get out of. Everything that you try to do falls to the ground, You feel that life is moving around you and you're just watching as a spectator and not involved in moving on. Actually, you're right where you're supposed to be, in your cocoon, healing, transforming and changing your life around to bring about FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, SELF LOVE
To get from your caterpillar stage this journey with me will take you on exploration of your inner thoughts, feelings, breaking free, cutting ties with what no longer serves you, releasing you to support you moving forward. Pushing you into your cocoon so that you can begin to heal those wounds. It takes time, there's no rush as everything is happening as it's meant to be. Your Butterfly awaits you!! Your beauty!, Self Respect, Strength, Empowerment, Freedom and most of all find the love you so deserve. 
I’ve loved the sessions with Louise and really missed experiencing them. The sessions certainly did what it said on the tin and I've felt relaxed and content and that feeling has stayed with me between the sessions. I've liked the format of trying a few things so I can pick up and learn more about the things that really work for me. Something has really shifted for me and I no longer feel stuck. Thanks Astrid
Would you like to be 1 of my Worthy Women to connect with your higher heart and find the love within?
Click below to work with me or contact me directly to discuss how this journey can work for you. 
Book now or contact for more info
What will each workshop involve?
  • Journaling    
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Mantra
  • Movement
  • Gratitude
  • Rituals
  • Healing
  • Music
  • Affirmations
  • Creative activities
  • Releasing
  • Connecting with the heart
Discount price for this launch only
Next time round it will be £540
Save £143
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3 x £140 installments
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