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A little information about Louise 

Louise Winstanley 

  • Reflexologist

  • Reiki Master

  • Massage Therapist

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Teaching Assistant

  • Playworker

  • Elkan qualified

  • Counselling qualified

  • Ho'oponopono Certified 

  • Nanny

  • Mindfulness Facilitator

  • Priestess of Mary Magdalene - Sisterhood of the Rose

Louise has a passion for caring and helping others, her journey began as a child when she lost her disabled mother at the age of 17, she was always striving to be of service and she knew that there was a purpose to her unfortunate events. From then on her career in the  corporate world began to feel out of line and she gradually embarked on a new direction working with children in social and educational settings, in particular using her extensive expertise supporting children with special educational needs. This also led to exploring the holistic and wellbeing world helping women to find time to put their needs first and start their own healing journey. Throughout Louise's own journey she's gone through her own healing experience, putting herself in the shoes of those she now supports being able to empathise and really connect with their needs. So today, Louise now combines healing and therapeutic wellbeing for both children and women helping to awaken individuals' own ability to heal from within. 

2006, I worked in an office based job that was unfulfilling, I decided to take a taster course in various therapies.

2007,This led to my interest growing further in which I decided to learn Indian Head Massage. I also attended a spiritual development group where I developed my intuition and senses. Here I gained my Level 1 & 2 in Usui Reiki.  I continued to work in my office role whilst having desires to change my career into something more fulfilling.

2009, once I got a taste for helping people I snapped up an opportunity to leave my job and take redundancy, using the money to train further in Massage Therapies, Meditation and set up my own business. Halsa Healing was born!  I started off offering mobile service and gradually rented a room in Wigan town centre. I also began working with children with special needs and balanced my life doing the 2 things I enjoyed the most. I was working as a Playworker when I had the calling to develop my therapies even more.

2012, I chose to learn Reflexology, this was an intense course where I studied for over 18 months and covered over 100 hours of practice case studies. 

In 2014,  I had another calling to continue working with children but this time within schools, I studied to become a Teaching Assistant and took up a role within a school supporting SEN children.  At this point I had a little rest from doing therapies and focused on my school role.

In 2015, I re-located and found a new therapy room at Seasons Counselling in Little Hulton, Salford.  This is the point I began offering monthly Well-being days. 

2017, I chose to find support with my business and took advice from a business mentor. My ideas began to expand and my focus change to how I ran my business.

In 2018, Peace & Presence Well-being became the new name for my business and it has created and a new vision. Self Love & Healing Therapy Days was created along with Self Love & Healing Meditation Saturday's. I created a summer wellbeing camps for children in the Wigan area and supported over 40 children to bring calmness to their lives. This continued to a regular group throughtout 2018.


In 2019, Louise Winstanley Peace and Presence Healing became the new foucs and name. This year saw me do lots of self healing, re-evalute my presence in the healing world and change my direction to do what brings warmth to my heart. 

2020, so today i'm still working with children as a Teaching Assistant and a Nanny. I'm working online with mindfulness programs that parents can support their children with in the home. I'm hoping to create my new membership programmes on Patreon helping more people access mindfulness in the comfort of their own homes. Therapies are still available in my therapy room in LIttle Hulton, although my focus is more so around healing via Reflexology and Reiki. 

2021 - 

A little more about Louise:

I love spending time with my cat who helps me find Peace and Presence in my life. I enjoy being outside in nature, going for walks and spending time in my own company. I enjoy meditation and attending Reiki Shares to cleanse and re boost my energy. 






Seasons Counselling,

54 Manchester Road West,

Little Hulton, Salford, M38 9US


Friday 9am - 1pm

Saturday 1:30pm - 5:30pm

(2nd of each month)


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