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Peace and Presence Wellbeing

Compassionate and empathetic Wellbeing Support for Adults and Families empowering them to navigate emotions and life challenges to experience enhanced moments of joy.

Peace and Presence Wellbeing:
Helping Sensitive Adults, Young People and
Children Thrive.


At Peace and Presence Healing, we understand the unique challenges faced by sensitive adults and young people. We offer a safe and supportive space where you can learn to thrive in the face of life's challenges.

We use an array of therapeutic practices and resources to help you develop resilience, self-awareness, and confidence. We also help you to build strong relationships and create a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

What do sensitive individuals look like: 

Do you or your members of your family perceive the world more deeply than most other people? 

Are your experiences are more intense emotionally and sensory?

Do you find life a little harder and overwhelming? 

How Peace and PresenceWellbeing Can Support You

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The book Merlin's Magical Journey: The Rose Garden launched in June 2023. 

Merlin Takes you and your children on a mindful journey helping families to navigate feelings of fear. 


Family Wellness Support

Interested in upcoming events, family wellness tips, offers and news to support you and your family's emotional, physical, cognitive, social life challenges, then sign up below too


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I'm an Adult looking for support

My content is useful for solo adults who would like to manage their life emotional and physical challenges, sign up below to receive content that can support your journey to feeling healthier and happier. 

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Meet Louise 


Louise means warrior, although I would say that I'm more of a peaceful and calm warrior. My life experiences of being an empath, sensitive soul  and child who struggled to be heard and understood  have motivated me to help other children, young people and adults to find their flow of creativity, self expression and communication. With compassion and gentle therapeutic practices I support parents and children to connect with the present moment to feel comfortable and at ease being themselves without the hustle and bustle of life overwhelming and overstimulating them. 

If you would like to know more about my personal journey and how my life story can help you be more present to accept your life and uniqueness then please read on. 







Seasons Counselling,

54 Manchester Road West,

Little Hulton, Salford, M38 9US

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Thursday 10am - 12pm 1pm-3pm 

Friday 9am - 3pm 

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