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Motivational mini meditations supporting your children to manage their emotional wellbeing. Whether they need uplifting, calming or something to distract them from triggers that may ignite them to feel unsettled. Feel content and ease of mind as you know your child has access to inner tools to help them settle more easily through transitional periods at school, making new friends, learning about their physical and emotional feelings as they learn more about their personalities and society. 


6 meditations included in the package


  • My Bubble : to feel safe
  • Sunshine Smiles : to emphasis joy and happiness
  • Butter on Toast : soothing for calm and relaxation
  • Wise Tree : gentle movement for clarity and wisdom
  • Firefly Magic : improve mood to feel uplifted
  • The Palm of Calm: : Therapeutic relaxation

Mini Meditations for children

£10.00 Regular Price
£4.44Sale Price
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