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Mini Meditations for children

Motivational mini meditations supporting your children to manage their emotional wellbeing. Whether they need uplifting, calming or something to distract them from triggers that may ignite them to feel unsettled. Feel content and ease of mind as you know your child has access to inner tools to help them settle more easily through transitional periods at school, making new friends, learning about their physical and emotional feelings as they learn more about their personalities and society.  6 meditations included in the package

£10 for all 6 meditations

Downloadble MP3's

Floating Bubble


My Bubble

Feel safe being in your bubble of protection, helping children s to start their day positively, using their imagination to wrap themselves up in their special bubble. 


Sunshine smiles

Awaken your child's smile, on this mini meditation they use the emphasis of the imagining the sunshine to bring a feeling of joy and happiness to their day. 

Siblings in the forest
Hot Buttered Crumpets


Butter on Toast

A soothing mini meditation supporting the feeling of calm and relaxation. Using the butter to envelope the body (toast) in a warm, gentle feeling. Bringing the mind to focus on the present, a great meditation to help with sleep. 


Wise Tree

A mini meditation with gentle movement. As your child becomes a tree, standing and visualising roots from the soles of their feet, grounding them enabling greater clarity and wisdom for their day ahead. 

Tree Roots
Astronaut Fireflies Animation


Firefly Magic

Enhance your child's mood with this uplifting mini meditation, enchanting and magical journey to visualise the sparkling lights of the Fireflies that dance around them. 


The Palm of Calm

Therapeutic relaxation, your child is guided to use their own inner ability to soothe their worries and mixed emotions using their own self massage. 

Hand Massage

£10 for all 6 meditations

Downloadble MP3's

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