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Merlin The Unicorn

his Magical Rainbow Journey
Fearful minds, night frights and unconsolable children?
Mismatch of erratic behaviour and angelic child? 
Do your children have low self esteem and signs withdraw from social interactions?
   Are you mums feeling worn down, at a lost cause and feel overwhelmed with finding light at the end of the tunnel?
Step inside your child's mind and imagination, share memories, open pathways to resolve worries. 
Become your own Greatest Showman!
'Cause every night I lie in bed
The brightest colors fill my head
A million dreams are keeping me awake
I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see
A million dreams is all it's gonna take
A million dreams for the world we're gonna make
Hugh JackmanMichelle Williams, ...

Enchanting 🧙‍♂️ and Calming Unicorn bedtime stories 📚 promoting your child to build positive self esteem, confidence and resilience every day.

Merlin 🦄 brings positivity, magic and empowerment to your child where they can relate within themselves to help the Unicorn kingdom find their missing Rainbow energies.


Following the 7 days of stories on a regular basis will support you as parents bring a bedtime routine to a peaceful end and help your child blow away those bedtime blues to fall asleep with a smile of their face.


Watch your child’s imagination unfold as they step into the magical world of Merlin, you as parents will be charmed by their wonder and creativity along with their ability to recreate the magic in their own life.


Each story takes your child on an adventure with Merlin to find the missing rainbow colours that the Unicorns once had within their features, that enabled them to share Strength, creativity, confidence, love, communication, support and peace to all children..

7 Meditation Stories
for 4-11 year olds
& an accompanying EBook and designs
Rose Pose
Swimming Sun
Illustrated Mountains
Speech Bubble A+
Rainbow Light Art
Merlin needs the help from all the children to recover all his Unicorn Kingdoms missing Rainbow Colours for his tribe. In return for your children's help Merlin will share his magical abilities with you to find Strength, Creativity, Confidence, Love, Support, Communication and Peace to all children.
Take a Peek at each of the 7 Meditation Stories
Each meditation story uses colour, positive affirmations and breathing to support a feeling of calm and uplift.
Chapter 1
The Rose Garden - Red 
Meet Merlin the Unicorn, your children begin their mission to support Merlin learning how they can help him and the Unicorn Kingdom rediscover the missing rainbow colours. This adventure takes you on your first task to find the first missing colour, Red. This journey takes to you a Rose garden, using your children's positivity and self belief to help uncover this colour whilst also discovering ways to overcome fear, feel safe and secure.
Chapter 2
The Orange Tree Parade - Orange
Merlin guides your child on his 2nd adventure to find the next colour in the rainbow. He takes children on a journey with the unicorn tribe to find the missing colour orange, children find themselves among plentiful fruit trees,  Children can you find the right piece of fruit using your  creativity to help regain strength, confidence and support for the unicorn kingdom?
Chapter 3
Sunshine Beach -Yellow
The 3rd meditation story takes children on a refreshing, pleasant journey to the beach. Children use their positivity and confidence and help Merlin find the colour yellow which helps to re energize the unicorns and bring back illumination and positivity. 
Chapter 4
Wind Chimes - Green
Moving through the rainbow, our next colour is Green. Merlin's journey takes children to a mountain where they connect with their ability to feel love, compassion and kindness to help the Unicorn realm gain their self love back. 
Chapter 5

Bird Songs - Blue

The fifth colour in the rainbow is Blue, children help Merlin by connecting with their ability to communicate easily with the help of the birds bringing music and dancing flowing through the energy of the unicorns to bring them to their full potential of speaking from the truth and expressing themselves clearly. 

Chapter 6

️Dreams Can Come True - Indigo

The Unicorns are starting to look and feel more colourful. Children use their imagination to visit the clouds and sky to help Merlin find the missing colour Indigo. The future is limitless, they learn to believe in themselves and their potential. Helping the unicorns feel the inner wisdom and guidance.


Chapter 7

The Magical Rainbow - Violet

The final step of the  journey. The mystery is nearly solved. Merlin asks for children to help find the missing piece of the puzzle in his magical kingdom. Children go on an exploration of the castle to find the final colour of Violet, they use all their skills gained over the past chapters to bring wholeness and completion to the unicorn Kingdom. 


Hi, I'm Merlin The Unicorn, Welcome to my Magical Rainbow Journey. Come join me by listening (MP3)and reading along (EBook) with your family to 7 bedtime meditation stories. Lets get to know each other and start our Positive Mindset Path with the help of the healing rainbow colours and motivational, positive messages. I'm looking forward to being your guide on this magical Journey!!

Love Merlin x x 

Buy 2 chapters and receive the 1st one for only £5 !!
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To Accompany the 7 Bedtime Meditation Stories 
A beautiful hand designed EBook
Read along with your child, explore the many possibilities, share the personal adventure that Merlin takes you on. Develop their imagination with the hand designed artwork. Build on your child's reading skills, increase their confidence and their self regulation skills to enhance their ability find self belief and positivity in their lives.
Purchase your Meditations and Ebook to receive a GIFT - A video demonstrating how to breath along with your meditations. SELF REGULATION and SOOTHING to bring an extra calmness and clarity to your child.
When the world becomes a fantasy
And you're more than you could ever be
'Cause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open
And you know you can't go back again
To the world that you were living in
'Cause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open
So, come alive!
The Greatest Showman Ensemble
I'm Louise Winstanley and my journey from being a child has been testing. Being a child with Red hair in the 80's, an introvert with a fear of the world around me and lack of confdience whom found school challenging, educationally and socially. I grew up always following instructions, being the good child and doing as I were told and not being a problem to my parents. Lovely as it sounds, I felt very negative about the world around me, I felt lonely! I didn't always feel that I fitted in with peers and spent a lot of time on my own. My confidence took a hit a few times with peers being unkind and feeling unsupported by adults whom I felt should have stepped in to support me. I muddled through life. I learned to build my own positive mindset and find solutions to my own problems. I developed a relationship with myself where I could trust, finding positive self talk and enjoy being in my own company. This led me to push through with confidence and find the determination to continue through challenging times. 
Going back to my childhood, storytime was an important part of my relationship with my mother, it was part of my bedtime routine in the early years. Traditional stories were great. There was just one thing I feel was missing that I feel would benefit children today, Positive Mindset! The emphasis on the meaning of stories, key words that can be drip fed to children to increase their self belief, confidence, self esteem, positivity. Words that encourage, motivate and can be embed into their minds to support them with the things in life that pull them down emotionally. 
Supporting children to:
  • Self Regulation to find the tools themselves with support from their loving family to work through difficult times,
  • Calm their minds, 
  • Enhance their creativity
  • Aiding Self Awareness
  • Develop concentration and attentions skills
Thinking happy thoughts before bedtime is a key way to not only get the required sleep but also to tap into the deepest, most uninterrupted sleep possible. Creating a positive thought process before sleep is one of the best ways to create a positive mindset for the following morning and your hectic week ahead.   (Source:

Good sleep is important for your child's physical and mental wellbeing.

A relaxing bedtime routine is one important way to help your child get a good night's sleep.

Relaxation tips to help sleep

Doing the same relaxing things in the same order and at the same time each night helps promote good sleep: 

  • A warm (not hot) bath will help your child relax and get ready for sleep.

  • Keeping lights dim encourages your child's body to produce the sleep hormone, melatonin.

  • Once they're in bed, encourage your child to read quietly or listen to some relaxing music, or read a story together.

  • You could also suggest your child tries this relaxing breathing exercise before bed.

That's why I have created Merlin The Unicorn to be a friendly companion for your children, to be their guide supporting them through their own adventures of finding ways to end the day with gratitude, optimism and invoking YOU as Parents to be on board, connecting with your child to experience this magical journey that you can incorporate into your own life too. Enhancing your ability to be there for your children, to open doors for discussions to release worries whilst at the same time instilling a postiive mindset and encouraging independence. 
Rainbow Colours
Merlin works with colour, each one of the rainbow colours has a different energy and vibration to it. Our bodies have internal energy points, each rainbow colour relates to a part of the body. (We can't see these as they are energy) If one of these colours become dull we can feel physical and emotional pulls on our bodies. So Merlin can help you and your children increase the vibrancy of these colour to help you feel happier and physically well. So each meditation story has a colour related to it, focusing on this colour can help bring a brighter energy and each colour has a specific purpose to help bring balance overall to your childs wellbeing.
Motivational & Positive Messages
An optimistic mindset is a great way to drift off to sleep. Instead of worrying about what needs to be done, you’re focused on the great things that have already happened. Knowing that great things have already come to you helps set the expectation for more of the same. Merlin has incorporated a positive affirmation with each meditation story, supporting you and your child to end the day with positive words that can help them feel better about who they are. 
What Do Children and Parents Say about Merlin's Meditation Stories?

Alfie (8yo) - loves the Merlin the meditations as they make you relaxed and puts him a good mood before before going to bed. His favourite so far has been the story about the Red Rose.
Archie (6yo) - loves the Merlin the meditations as they help him to get sleep more easily.
I love the meditations as it’s a great way for them to relax before bedtime and allows them ease into a more calm mood where I do think there sleep is better. The meditations are easy to listen to and have a running theme connecting them together. The length is just right too. If you're looking for ways to do something slightly different at bedtime that relaxes everyone who listens then the meeting Merlin and his unicorns is a great way of doing that. Thanks Louise (Marina) 
Louise's meditations are wonderful my kids loved them and listening to them as part of their bedtime routine really helped us through a period of adjustment. We had moved from Ireland to Italy and my kids where settling into their new schools and speaking a different a language and also missing their friends. My six year old in particular REALLY loves them. She LOVES unicorns! (Aishling) 
I listened the Wind Chimes Meditation Story with Louise, I liked being on the mountain as it helped me feel like I was actually outside and that nothing bad can happen to me. I felt calm, safe and protected by the world. I also felt more connected to the earth as if I were part of it. I could sense the smell of leaves and the feel of the wind blowing through my hair. I also felt like mice were licking my toes. This meditation story helped with my imagination and creativity along with helping me forget about my bad days at school to relax me and unwind. (Maisie age 10)  

Individual Chapters

£15 each


All 7 Chapters
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Buy 2 chapters and receive the 1st one for only £5 !!
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What will you receive:
Downloadable MP3 Meditation Stories and PDF EBooks with hand designed Artwork.
Try Merlin the Unicorn's first meditation story... a little taster of the full journey. 
The rose garden (2 minute taster)Louise Winstanley
00:00 / 02:11
Buy 2 meditation stories and get the 1st one for £5!!
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