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Roots To Abundance Sanctuary Taster Healing Experience 

A Free Webinar on How to connect with your Inner Peace


Presented by Louise Winstanley Spiritual Healer and Family Wellness Leader 

Louise is a caring and empathetic person. She has juggled being a carer for her elderly father and a nanny for two boys under the age of 12, along with being a business owner, often saying yes to others at the expense of her own well-being. This led her to self-sabotage and become out of alignment with her natural healing abilities.


A major life-changing event helped her to wake up and find her abundance once again.

Louise is now ready to help other female carers avoid the same pitfalls she experienced. She uses her inner guidance and spiritual support team to share her extensive healing skills with those who are in self-sabotage mode, find it difficult to make time for themselves, feel isolated and alone, and have lost their self-worth.


Louise's story is inspiring and shows that it is possible to overcome self-sabotage and find your abundance again. She is a role model for other female carers and her work is helping them to live happier and healthier lives where they can respond to life's challenges rather than react. 

In this Roots to Abundance Sanctuary Taster we will cover

During the Taster Session you'll experience 

  • Disconnecting with the past

  • Connecting with the earth energy to stay grounded and present

  • Tuning into your own self-awareness and needs

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