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Therapeutic Healing 

Reiki Healing :

What is it?

Reiki is a gentle movement of energy from myself to replenish another person's energy with universal energy Helping to awaken the other person's natural healing and bring balance into their mental, physical and emotional states.


What is Distance Reiki - It works with the same principles as face to face healing, although I use the power of intent and link in with a person's name or picture to connect with their energy without having to be in the same room, town or country as them.


How can it help me?  After a few sessions of Reiki, you are likely to feel much more calmer, less stressed and able to respond to difficult situations with ease. It's a great support for emotional and mental disorders helping you to tap into your own calm toolbox to support your responses to life. If you suffer with physical pain, reiki is wonderful for easing symptoms, supporting you to feel more present and human again enjoying life to its fullest. Most of all Reiki is an all round healing that supports the body, mind and spirit. Opening doorways to feel more love, compassion and kindness, finding your place of peace to feel life flows naturally. 


Reflexology :


What is it?

Reflexology is the focal point of the feet, they represent a map of the whole body, with energy lines synchronising up from the feet to all parts of the body. Reflexology uses massage and pressure to unblock stagnant energy that may cause pain, emotional and mental disturbances. By unblocking the energy, it allows the body to naturally respond and heal from within .

How can it help me? 

Reflexology can support you to relax, rebalance your energy so that your own body can respond to illness with ease. Reduces pain within the whole body, calms the mind and body to help with emotional and mental disorders, reducing the internal chatter, increasing your ability to find more clarity and respond to situations with calm and ease.  It's  also uplifting supporting you to feel more energised and positive about how you feel bringing a sense of peace and presence to your existence. 


Meditation & Mindfulness

What is it? 

Meditation and Mindfulness is a mind and body practice to support you to be present in the moment.  It can be a 1:1 or group experience whereby you experience a guided visualisation or journey to support your ability to just be or to explore yourself on a deeper level and to enjoy time out of your busy day to find a place where you can relax and unwind.

How can it help me?

Meditation and mindfulness can support the whole body to be in a constant state of existence. Calming the mind to be present, focusing your attention on your experience in the moment.  It's an internal toolbox to support you to be able to cope with illness, mental and physical disorders and pain.

Anyone can do it!!  it's ideal to relax and calm the mind and body and improve overall health. 


An ancient energy movement practice that connects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body’s with the earth and the universe. Along with breathwork and stillness these movements disperse stagnant energy that causes pain, emotional discomfort and lack of motivation and inspiration

Free up your energy to allow flow and vitality to your organs, joints, muscles, mind and sense of presence, ease your pain and moods with a brighter outlook as you glide along with more harmony.

Bespoke Packages

You like the sound of some of the above packages but would like to mix and match and choose something that fits your personality, needs and transformation little more. Contact me for more details. 

School Bespoke Packages

Supporting primary and secondary school pupils in preparation for their SAT's and GCSE exams. Helping pupils with simple coping strategies which enable them to manage the fluctuation of emotions during challenging times. 

Business Bespoke Packages

Supporting employers to offer an empathetic and therapeutic approach to the wellbeing of their employees and their families. Aligning parents within their business to their inner resources, helping them improve their family and work relationships therefore raising their consistency and performance within the workplace. 

Other services

Roots to Abundance - 7 Steps to Find Your Place of Peace - Online self study course in your own platform on Udemy, 

Roots to Abundance Sanctuary - A monthly online healing membership for female carers, supporting their emotional and physical wellbeing with my 3 step principles Release, Heal and Connect. 

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