Self LoveJourney

A VIP Workshop Series for Worthy Women

Taking you on an experience of Emotional Release, Healing, Connection and Self Love

Do you feel stuck and unable to see the Roses for the Thorns?

Are you giving too much of your energy to others?

Do you feel unworthy of receiving love?

Are you unable to let go of past hurts?

Let go, release and be free of your emotional ties

Find calmness, presence and peace in your existence

Connect your heart to your soul and share unlimitless love

Break through the barriers that are holding you back from your freedom

Find inner strength to support you through challenging times

Enhance your clarity and vision for your life

Tap into your desire to open your heart to the love within and find ways to express and expand this love outwards with the joy and happiness that fulfills your desires. 


Find the flow of energy that takes you to places that words cannot describe bringing you to a sense of relief, worthiness and peace. 


Connect with your higher heart, listen to your body, feel the divine, pure love within and vibrate this on many layers

Workshop sessions for women taking you on a journey of self discovery, strength and self love 
1:1 Taster Session 
60 minute experience exploring you're blockages, to release, heal and connect withyour heart
3 Sessions 1:1 
A more indepth experience of your Self Love journey. You'll work with me for 3
1 hr 30 minute sessions.
Session 1 - Release
Session 2 - Heal
Session 3 Connect with your heart
Group workshops
Coming back in 2020
Release, heal and connect within a VIP Group setting
Dates TBC
6 sessions £162
3 sessions £88
My Story
Hi, my name is Louise. You may be wondering why i've created these workshops. As an empath, I pick up a lot of other peoples energy, this can be a mixture of emotions and physical ailments. I have also found it very hard throughout my life to say no to people. Thus I have given my energy to help others, putting their needs before my own. Over many years I have built up Anger, Fear, Resentment, Bitterness, Frustration along with physical pains that come along with those feelings. My body, mind and soul has been working hard to please others. In 2018 I felt a big transistion happening where I have been forced to re-evalute my life by experiencing new challenges that were difficult to overcome to feeling stuck, trapped and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel to where I am now. Feeling Fredom, Released, Clarity, Focus and in control of my life. I have regained my Self Love. It's been a long journey but i've now begun to realise that my needs come first. I had to put the work in, building myself back up to a more joyful and happier place.
I had to let go and surrender 
Release circumstance and people that were not energetically matched
Heal my wounds 
Find practices that would build my energy back up
Respect myself
Nurture and tender my needs
I found my strength, I found my ability to feel calm and in control with clarity as to which was I need to go
I feel 
I feel at home once again!
Phases of Human Life compared to a Butterfly's
Learning, Challenges & survival
Transformation, stagnantation, feeling stuck, healing phase 
Freedom, carefree, feeling complete, 
a sense of pure love
As humans we can compare our life to that of a butterfly. We begin life as a Caterpillar learning how to be human as a baby, existing with basic needs like food, water warmth. Growing through life transforming into adulthood, finding our feet in the big world. We can also find ourselves back at the begining of the cycle when life throws challenges our way and we may feel like everything is a challenge, you may feel like you've hit rock bottom, no willpower, motivation, lack of opportunities. This can lead to a mindset that you have no control over and are unable to get out of. Everything that you try to do falls to the ground, You feel that life is moving around you and you're just watching as a spectator and not involved in moving on. Actually, you're right where you're supposed to be, in your cocoon, healing, transforming and changing your life around to bring about FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, SELF LOVE. 
To get from your caterpillar stage this journey with me will take you on exploration of your inner thoughts, feelings, breaking free, cutting ties with what no longer serves you, releasing you to support you moving forward. Pushing you into your cocoon so that you can begin to heal those wounds. It takes time, there's no rush as everything is happening as it's meant to be. Your Butterfly awaits you!! Your beauty!, Self Respect, Strength, Empowerment, Freedom and most of all find the love you so deserve. 
Would you like to be 1 of my Worthy Women to connect with your higher heart and find the love within?
Click below to work with me or contact me directly to discuss how this journey can work for you. 
ONLY a £30 Deposit 
What will each workshop involve?
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Mantra
  • Movement
  • Gratitude
  • Rituals
  • Healing
  • Music
  • Affirmations
  • Creative activities
  • Releasing
  • Connecting with the heart

2020 Louise Winstanley 

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