An online course to support you and your child finding a morning and bedtime routine that will enhance your connection with each other to feel uplifted and postivie about your day ahead. 


You will receive a PDF containing 

3 Morning routines

3 Bedtime routines 

1 Bonus 


Each step contains MP3's, Private YouTube videos, information

Morning Routines  - Movement, Breathing, Grounding, Protection and a Positivity Activity 

Bedtime routines  - Movement, MIndfulness and Worry Release and a Gratitude Activity 


Work your way through the course at your own pace. At the end of the course, you choose what works for you, select a routine that refelcts your lifestyle for both you and your child. You'll also develop motivation to encourage each other to pursue a daily routine as a lifestyle change. Enhancing your child's ability to resilent to lifes challenges. 

Start Your Day The Right Way

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£27.00Sale Price
  • These MP3's, Video's and PDF documents are for use by the person whom purchased the product only. Please do not share with other people. Thanks Louise 

2020 Louise Winstanley 

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