7 Bedtime meditation stories for children aged 4- 7 years


  • The Rose Garden
  • The Orange Tree Parade
  • Sunshine Beach
  • Wind Chimes
  • Bird Songs
  • Dreams can Come True
  • The Magical Rainbow 


Using rainbow colours to guide the children through a magical adventure to help Merlin on his mission to save the Unicorn Kingdom. 


LIsten along with 7 MP3's or read along with your child using the EBook 


Children learn self regulation skills:

  • Breathing
  • Positive affirmations


Follow Merlin on his magical journey to help the unciorn kingdom find their missing rainbow colours. Each chapter takes your child through a enchanting experience where they get to help Merlin bring positivity back to the unicorns. 


Each chapter supports your child to develop: Feeling Safe, Develop their Creativity, Find Self Confidence, Being Content and Happy, Ability to share their Feelings Freely, Use their knowledge wisely and Being Balanced feeling Positive and Motivated. 


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Merlin the Unicorn - 7 Bedtime meditation stories and EBook

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  • These MP3's and Ebook PDF are for use by the person whom purchases them. Please do not share with anyone else. Thank you Louise 

2020 Louise Winstanley 

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