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Simple ways to ease the pain of healing

Healing is often described as a path of light and love, a journey through our inner most being to finally reach the core of who we are. Healing isn’t always easy and in fact lots of the time it can be downright painful. But this is something we all have to go through in order to get better.

What are you healing from

For many years humans have absorbed caffeine, nicotine, painkillers, sugar and mostly toxic substances that cause additional physical and emotional pain as well as soothing our pain at the current time. Once these are reduced or removed the body performs a detoxification that can be more painful than the initial pain your began with that you were most probably trying to numb. Years and years worth of filling your bodies with these also means it's going to take time to be released and cleansed from your body. Known as Withdrawal Symptoms, where you may experience more physical and emotional discomforts as you body performs it's role such as headaches, sickness, cravings for more etc.

Natural Healing Remedies

The same goes for energy healing, for example Qigong, Reiki or Reflexology each of these support the body in releasing and detoxifying the body and mind. To reach a point of feeling relief, reduced pain, joy, calmness and balance the body too will endure reactions similar to withdrawal from substances. Although it's a more natural and supportive way to detox the whole body.

So when a client comes to me and tells me they felt worse after working with me, I always inform them "Expect to feel worse before you feel better" It's only temporary.

The healing can only take place once there is a clear vessel to work from. Hence the removal of the toxins we've been holding onto. Such as trapped emotions, memories, feelings as well as physical materialisation of those mental and emotional imbalances. For example someone who experiences anxiety may feel slightly more anxious after a healing session or someone with leg or shoulder pain will feel more intense pain in their body for a short while. They may have a strong emotional or physical response such as crying, sleepiness, nausea etc.

During these toxin removals from a healing session I recommend

  1. Drink plenty of water, to help flush out the toxins from the lymphatic system which holds all the clogged up poison within the body

  2. Breathe, maintain slow and controlled breathing thought-out the following days to help the blood flow to all the organs, especially the brain which filters those emotions and feelings

  3. Connect with nature, being in nature helps to keep the mind and body grounded, supporting clarity during the healing process.

  4. Avoid adding additional toxins such as alcohol, sugar and processed products as these may inhibit the healing process

  5. Sleep, getting enough sleep is vital for healing in all areas of life

Maintaining Healing

I recommend at least one follow up session as this is when the real magic happens, the healing begins as the cells in the body recognise they don't need to suffer, they start to thrive and send signals to the whole body that they are safe and there is no need to fight. The body gradually relaxes and energy can begin to flow fluently to all organs, energy in and around the body, extending love and light from the inner to the outer world.



Healer and Therapeutic Leader

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