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Diary of a Self Love WannaBe Part 1

Creating a blog is a first for me, I could write a book about my experiences and how life has had lots of ups and downs. As I began to prepare for this writing I started putting notes in my journal as I thought I would be able to track my progress on this journey. That's the thing i'd already set myself up for failure by setting myself targets and deadlines. Self Love is a journey not a course. So there's no set timetable for self love to enter your life. It happens when you're ready, meaning that everyone's journey is different. Some of you may find adapting to putting your needs first easy whilst others may find this a difficult adaption.

Why is this?

Since we were born we have been conditioned to think, say, act and believe by family, friends, school, local organisation, society and even the government. We have been moulded into a stereotype, a category a behaviour and our instincts have been to follow these teachings. None of this is right nor wrong, it's just our interpretation and understanding of how society and cultures operate.

So how does all this relate to Self Love?

For Women in particular our role as a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Employee, Entrepreneur and so on.. has already got barriers and hurdles in our path, creating a sense of expectations to juggle life and be the centre of those around us keeping everything ticking nicely. Before you know it, each week is over and you've not had 5 minutes to yourself let alone prioritised something specifically for you.

The problem is To Do's

A general week may entail household chores, work, running the kids to and fro, planning and making meals, shopping, entertaining your children, helping with homework, managing budgets and household finances. Something will take priority as it means the family will go without, you may have a tight schedule to complete all of these activities and tasks but you know they still need to be done.

Doing, doing, doing....

It's a constant repeat of life where you just carry on regardless draining your batteries until you flop in a heap on your bed where you are' then overtired to sleep and then the cycle repeats.

Less is More

I've found that the less I do the more I accomplish, feeling like I have more success and satisfaction. Most of all I have more time to put my needs at the top of my priority list.

Self Love <3 leads to Self Care

Self Care leads to a life of flow.

Join me in part two of Diary of a Self Love WannaBe to explore How Less is More on a deeper level.



Healer and Therapeutic Leader

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