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Chakra Checklist for a Living a Happy and Balanced Life

You and Me are living a human existence in a physical body, most of the time unaware of the energetic make up of our body and soul as we go about life trusting the that we move, breathe, feel and survive by natures plan to create and reproduce.

Your physical body is intertwined with an energic field, with every cell vibrating constantly with energy which is drawn naturally from the universal energy field.

Albert Einstein states that "Everything is consciousness and invisible connections connect us to everyone and everything. In the bodies of all plants and animals the DNA in one’s cells transmits and receives signals from DNA in other cells"

He also goes on to say "Healing the field is the true way we can heal the body" read the article for a more detailed science approach

Explore the 7 Main Chakras

Exploring the outer energy field known as Aura's is only one energy, let's explore the internal energy centre's known as the Chakras. The ancient wisdom of this beautiful energy system originates from India and the word itself in Sanskrit means “spinning wheel”.

Chakra Checklist

  1. Root - Base of Spine

  2. Sacral - 2 Inches below the navel

  3. Solar - Stomach

  4. Heart - Centre of chest

  5. Throat - Neck

  6. Brow / Third Eye - Space between your eyebrows

  7. Crown - Top of your head

  • Chakras are energy centers located within our body and are each related to parts of our mind, body and spirit.

  • The way I describe Chakras is like a spinning wheel or vortex. They are energy centres positioned mainly within the body. We all can relate to energy in terms of technology as something we trust works but cannot see. This is how our human like energy works. Also known as Universal Energy.

  • Fully functioning Chakras spin clockwise when fully operational.

  • They slow down when they are weakened or out if balance.

  • They each have a colour, mantra, position in the body. I usually visualise them as flowers too

  • They each correspond with a body part, physical organs and emotional concepts.

  • They can be over and under active.

  • They generally become unbalanced when you are not fully present, when you push yourself in areas of life without putting your needs first, through ancestral blockages, blocked emotions, poor lifestyle choices, being in the vicinity of negativity. Basically life gets in the way and it takes its tolls.

  • When out if alignment you may feel physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomforts.

Bringing your Chakras back into alignment can involve self healing practices, such as meditation, colour healing, reiki, self care and daily practices to boost your energy along with many, many other energetic work.

You don't need to do all of these practices, reiki healing sessions with me and clear your energy. Making space to build upon your self care and healing practices over time. As healing is a continuous Journey you will need to maintain equilibrium to reap the benefits.

The work I do is through universal energy via reiki, intentions, colour visualisation, angelic and spiritual support from my team and TRUST!!

I have a beautiful online healing space, meeting monthly on a New and Full Moon in an online secure space you can receive wisdom, awaken your own ability to heal as the universal energies I channel along with Angelic healing remove blockages cleaning and activating your chakras to their fully operational potential. It's a perfect space to ensure you top up your own energy systems, maintaining your energetic field like you would putting fuel in your car to keep it moving.

My next blog will explore the Root Chakra in more depth followed by the other 6 Chakras


Louise Winstanley

Healer and Therapeutic Leader

Peace and Presence Healing

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