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Mindful Moments

7 simple steps to support you and your child feel positive and motivated about each day

  • Do your children lack confidence, feel anxious and find it difficult to calm their body and mind?

  • Are you sluggish, unmotivated and lack that go go go with your day?

  • Maybe you feel like life is passing you by, your children are growing up too quick and you don't spend quality time together?

  • Are your minds busy with the past, present and future and the many things going on in life?

  • Would you like you and your children to find ways to calm their minds and bodies and be more present?

  • Do you need simple activities that don’t take much time out of your schedule?

  • Would you and your children like to feel enthusiastic, motivated and positive about their day ahead?

  • Would you like to see and make changes to your relationship with your children, engaging, communicating and working together to support each other?

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  • Connect with your child daily

  • Build stronger a relationship where you have greater trust, connection and joint purpose

  • Work together to release blockages

  • Build a positive mindset

  • Find your natural daily routine to fit around your life

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What will you receive?
7 PDF documents to work through at your own pace. Included within each document are YouTube Videos, MP3 recordings, Photo's, Activities to complete and information to support your journey with your child. Take a peek below.

You'll also receive a BONUS GIFT 

Here's a little sneeky peek at what's inside Start your day the right way package.

Steps 1 - 3 are morning routines

Each step includes:

  • Movement

  • Breathing

  • Grounding

  • Activity - Affirmations 

Steps 4 - 6 are bedtime routines

Each step includes

  • Movement 

  • Mindfulness

  • Worry time

  • Activity - Gratitude 

Step 7 - Concludes your mindfulness and movement bringing both day and night time routines together. My tips and recommendations to get your daily routine and ritual up and running. 

Step 8 - Bonus Gift - MP3 Guided Body Relaxation

All 7 Steps
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