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Into the Light 
Healing Portal
Next intake for new members 
Sandy Beach
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Doors open to join -Friday 20th January 2023

Crossing the Path of fear into a Brighter Direction and Higher Vibration 

Fear is what the Ego wants you to feel, stopping you from living a life of dreams. 

A life of desire blocked by the darkness


A mind of confusion, memories and experiences lingering waiting for you to acknowledge them, to free up your energy and space for the light that is trying to get in. 

The light is all around you, but at present you’re blinded 

Are you ready to remove energetic layers upon layers of encrusted emotional & physical trash that you've clung onto over the years?

Do you want to feel comfortable in your skin, safe, supported and understood?

Are you open to receiving the gentleness and supportive light that wants to encompass you with love, compassion and blessings?

Into the Light is a pure and natural form, one of self discovery that allows you to find your flawless diamond heart that radiates a deep love that brings a sense of contentment, inner peace and being perfectly present

Connected, grateful in flow as you trust that your higher self and inner know and unseen energies will guide you to your next steps in your journey. 

The light will guide you


The light will unlock your ability to feel free


The light offers you positivity


The light is pure and healing

The light  is supporting your immune system 

The light wants you to be pain free 


The light is taking care of your wellbeing 


The light feels safe and calm

The light is raising your vibration


Soothing your fear, settling those worries with a gentle flow of reassurance and relief 

See the world with brighter eyes, ones that shine joy and love to everyone and everything,


Feel an abundance of awe for life, with a little bounce in your step to welcome each day new with open arms and gratitude for being alive. 

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Join Now
Welcome to Into the Light Healing Portal


Into the light is a supportive and encompassing healing portal for highly sensitive women to pause, relax and to be present in their own energy field, nurturing and healing deep down their stored memory of past emotional hurts, physical discomforts and spiritual blockages. Connecting with Angelic Realms, Universal and astrological moon phases, surrender to the unseen forces that shift your mental, emotional and physical states. Releasing and forgiving with gratitude as you experience a gentle and soothing shift in your essence with a pure and divine light that surrounds and shines through your bodily layers with the vibration of inner peace, content, relief with a glowing expansion of feeling blessed with who you truly are 

You are LOVE


Your healing is a journey, a unique and mysterious one that your destination isn’t revealed. The pathways twist and turn and may feel like you’re going around in circles but trust that what unfolds is for your greater good. Learn to trust the journey even when you don’t understand it.

Which Membership is right for  you?

Take a Peek!! 

There's Three Affordable Options!

Into the Light Bronze

A Journey of Self Development & 

Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness

One portal healing session purely for you to recharge your energy, bring a sense of peace and calmness and tackle those niggles of discomforts to bring you into balance. 

One Angel Wisdom message per month

Access to a Private Facebook Group

£11.11 / month

Into the Light Silver Membership
Trust your Journey & Healing Experience
  • New Moon Healing & Abundance Illumination 
  • Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness

Two portal healing sessions for you to dedicate to your self care and healing, making your needs priority, tendering and maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health to an all around positive wellbeing. Whilst also making space and creating a pathway to your desired future 


2 Angel Wisdom messages per month

Access to a private Facebook group

£21.11 / month
Into the Light Gold Membership
VIP Journey to Gratitude and Love

Encompass your whole being in the pure healing light, lift your hearts vibration with a sense of feeling blessed and free as you reap the rewards of your healing journey

  • New Moon Healing & Abundance Illumination
  • Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness
  • 1:1 VIP 90 minute Healing Session quarterly
2 Angel Wisdom messages per month 
Access to Private Facebook Group
£31.11 / month 
If you sign up to Gold you also receive a beautiful meditation to download, connect with your Guardian Angel
First 3 people to sign up to Gold tier receive a £7.77 discount off their Third month
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2023 Dates for your diary:

January 2023 Healing Sessions

Bronze members
Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness Friday 6th 

Silver & Gold Members
New Moon Healing & Abundance Illumination - Saturday 21st 
Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness - Friday 6th


February 2023 Healing Sessions

Bronze members
Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness Sunday 5th  

Silver & Gold Members
New Moon Healing & Abundance Illumination - Monday 20th 
Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness - Sunday 5th 


March  2023 Healing Sessions

Bronze members
Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness Tuesday 7th

Silver & Gold Members
New Moon Healing & Abundance Illumination - Tuesday 21st 
Full Moon Healing & Forgiveness - Tuesday 7th 

All Healing Sessions will take place via Zoom, recordings will be available and emailed out as soon as possible after each session. 
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