Awaken the Mind

Are you feeling lost in this world, nothing makes sense and everything feels like a challenge, it's like stop sign is preventing you from moving forward?
Work and life in general is overwhelming, the pressure and stress is getting too much, you need support but feel medication is just going to suppress your healing and not actually help the root cause?
Your mood changes from one moment to the next that you don’t know who to trust, let alone yourself?
Would you like to have clarity in your decision making?
Would you like to feel comfortable with being in the moment?
Do you desire to have positive outlook about your life, have confidence to make new decisions and changes? 
Would you like support and the skills to help you with your healing path?
Answered YES!! 
Louise is here to help
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Learning Reiki has become my own self care tool, when i'm feeling out of sync or emotionally low I can easily tap into the healing benefits and experience a deeper connection with my higher self, a calming, gentle therapy that enables me to find life more manageable. A usual self healing session feels tingly with the energy moving to areas that need healing. My mind slows down supporting my ability to relax and sleep more easily. Physical pain begins to relieve and i'm more in tune with my bodies natural state. Most of all, i'm more grounded and present with what's happening around me enabling me to make wise and concious desicions with clarity. 


Let Louise into your life to share her expertise, skills and abilty to help get to your root cause and release your blockages, uplifting your energy and ability to see and think clearer. 


Awaken the Mind


Awaken the mind is a supportive  online Reiki and Healing package where Louise incorporates her calm, caring and positive energies to help support and reassure you. She has over 11 years experience of sharing Reiki and vast client testimonials that demonstrate that positive change is possible and you will find light at the end of the tunnel where you will start to see and make changes in your life for the better. 

Awaken the mind provides the key to your higher self, unlocking your potential to feel at one with your body and mind, to be grounded in the present moment where you can finally get to know who you truly are.  Breaking down the mental and emotional barriers to induce clarity, a sense of belonging, knowing and understanding what your body and mind needs, whilst being in tune with the flow of energy to enable you to feel calm, peaceful, focused and reassured that you have the self care skills to support your wellbeing and find that so deserved self love. With the support of Louise you'll have the stepping stones in place to begin your natural self healing process. 

Together we’ll set out suitable session plan where Louise will work on rebalancing your body's internal energies and helping to realign them enabling the mind to reconnect with its higher self to help ground your body to the present moment.

Louise will support you to:

  • Release blockages

  • Rebalance your energies

  • Help you be comfortable being in the moment

  • Find calmness

  • Have more clarity

  • Develop motivation and enthusiasm 

  • Improve yours sleep

  • Gain an improvment in your overall mental state



What you will receive

  • Pre session consultation

  • 3 x Full body Reiki healing and reallignment

  • Self care recommendations

  • 3 x Intuitive guidance and angel card reading per session

  • FREE Chakra balancing meditation


During each session Louise will work with her Reiki energies to release what no longer serves you, she will tap into your higher self to invoke the information you need to help you with your self care and healing, Working closely with angelic energies Louise will bring uplifting and gentle changes to your wellbeing, realligning your chakras and auric field to bring your mind, body and soul to the present moment where you will open to new possibilities. 

You will leave feeling supported, knowing that you are being guided on your path to help you make positive changes in you.


I'm offering just 3 people to work with me on this VIP experience of 3 sessions. 

This is special offer to receive this package to begin your healing path of discovery that is only available for a limited time. 

3 Sessions £77 was £270


Doors open at 18:00 on Sunday11th November 2018 


Doors close at 23:59 on Wednesday 14th November 2018

Want to know more about the package? 
I'm offering a FREE online taster session of the package on Sunday 11th November.
Reiki, Mini angel card readings, Meditations and Private consultation. 
Timetable for the day:
11:11 - Guided Meditation to open the heart
13:00 - Healing for all 
15:00 - Private 1:1 Consultations
18:00 - Angel Cards / Doors open for package
20:00 - Healing for all 
21:00 - Closing Gratitude Meditation 
*Healing for all = Reiki, Chantings, Chakra Mantra and Affirmations*
Like it! = Book in with me for
VIP Sessions. 
Testimonial - Distance Reiki Healing and Intuitive message